Jason YehJASON YEH is a professional photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

His fascination on photography grew rapidly in the past two years. Without taking any courses, Jason went from playing with his first DSLR to shooting professionally starting a year ago.

Jason is passionate in capturing the richness of world culture, people, fashion, action and real life events. He realizes that a photo can worth a thousand words.

Through his photographs, Jason wishes that his audience would be able to feel those special moments and to see the story he is trying to tell.

Jason hopes one day to be featured in leading magazines such as Elle Magazine, and to eventually publish his own book of photography.

When asked, his biggest barrier when working with his clients was to convince them that he doesn't exist. Jason believes that if his subjects are aware of his presence, they will not be acting as naturally as they would have if there was no photographer around. Jokingly he said that he wishes he can be invisible, because then he would be able to capture real moments as they truly ought to be.